Aruki is a shelf for life. The side panels are made of warm wood, while the slim white metal shelves are hooked into sturdy rivets used in shipbuilding. Aruki will grow with your needs: you can link short and long elements vertically and horizontally. If you stack three elements on top of each other, you have to fix the shelves to the wall. There is also a ladder so nothing stored on Aruki is ever out of reach. Charming detail: gradeable gliders for uneven floors.

  • Materials

    The side panels are made of Swiss wood. The shelves are made of colour-coated steel.

    Accessories: rivets supporting the shelves, aluminium cross to stabilize the shelves, gliders, wall fixation, ladder.

  • Dimensions and pricing

    Aides: 90 × 34 cm, shelves: 42 and 62 cm width.

    Price: about CHF 650.– per unit, as shown CHF 3250.– tax included.

  • Order

    Would you like to see Aruki and check all available options? Contact me!