Container DS

I would love to be captain on a cargo ship. But the open seas are a long way from my hometown. At least there are the international Rhine ports of Basel! When I was asked to develop a modular shelving system for the local art archive dock:, I was inspired by the huge stacks of containers on the large cargo ships going up and down the river. Container DS is a miniature edition of these containers. Instead of trading goods, you can store your whole household in it: crockery, clothes or all your files. The front side slides open neatly to reveal the content. Container DS has been produced and distributed by Magazin since 2009. By the way, Container DS is on display at the Schaudepot of the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich, a comprehensive archive of design.

  • Materials

    Steel tube and sheet steel, powder-coated.

    Accessories: mounting frame, shelf, steel base, steel wheels and many more.

    Colours: flint grey, sulphur yellow, pastel blue, pearl white, red orange, black grey, crimson.

  • Dimension and pricing

    Outside dimension: w 88 × d 40 × h 39 cm
    Inside dimension: w 84 × d 36 × h 33 cm

    Price: from CHF 580.– tax included.

  • Order

    You are welcome to my studio to see Container DS and check all available colours. I am happy to order it for you. You can also order online with Magazin.