Beautiful things, so sophisticated that they come across as simple as possible. This idea is at the heart of kunotechnik. I am interested in materials, colours and the craftsmanship behind good furniture. Wheter it’s a single piece or mass-produced, for homes or business premises: I know all my manufacturers and can tell a story about every project and every piece of furniture.

The customer’s request is the starting point of every project. Together, an idea is developed and tested with models. The materialisation is defined by means of samples. After that, a prototype is manufactured.

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Some projects are suitable for reproduction. Building on the experience of deveolping the prototypes, the product is refined and production is simplified. Sometimes, even industrial production is possible.

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Some private projects prove ideal even in larger numbers and are ordered for offices, surgeries or holiday homes.

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Three pieces by kunotechnik have been incorporated into the design collection of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich. I am honoured that my design legacy is well cared for and accessible to the public.

At the moment I’m interested in pre-industrial woodwork: conical table legs, spars that are finer at the top, funnel-shaped constructions, and, of course, my boat projects.

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