The customer’s request is the starting point of every project. Together, an idea is developed and tested with models. The materialisation is defined by means of samples. After that, a prototype is manufactured.

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Bed Anana

A bed must be durable, pretty and easy to move. That’s the idea behind Anana. Two steel frames are linked at the base to create a single or a double bed. The wooden sprung slats are fastened to the frame with Velcro – voilà! Anana is light and airy. If you live in a crammed space, there is enough room underneath the bed to store boxes.

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Table Adasda

Originally, I designed Adasda as an office desk for an IT company. In the end, they didn’t want it. Which is a pity, because Adasda has become a well-loved and reliable dining table and office desk. The idea behind Adasda is simple: a laminated plywood board is fitted into a slim steel frame. That way, you can’t see the layers of the plywood, and the table appears light and all of a piece. Adasda is so colourful it brightens up every room.

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Container DS

The containers for dock: only had a lid to secure the files when moving them to another place. And when the modular shelving system for dock: created quite a stir at Liste 08 art fair, I made up my mind to develop the container into a piece of furniture for private homes. Together with my intern, I created the characteristic front side that slides into the container like a garage door. We called it Container DS. In 2009, it was discovered by MAGAZIN, who took over production and distribution. Since then, Container DS has evolved into a comprehensive product family with all kinds of formats and extra parts. Check out MAGAZIN to see everything.

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Some private projects prove ideal even in larger numbers and are ordered for offices, surgeries or holiday homes.

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Three pieces by kunotechnik have been incorporated into the design collection of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich. I am honoured that my design legacy is well cared for and accessible to the public.

At the moment I’m interested in pre-industrial woodwork: conical table legs, spars that are finer at the top, funnel-shaped constructions, and, of course, my boat projects.

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