Shop design. Six conical chunks called bolides are rearranged every day to catch the eye of people passing by. The bolides serve as pedestals and display areas for small objects and foulards. The sales counter is a mighty treasure chest that presents its precious contents on swivel trays and shallow drawers. A large illuminated wall surface creates a striking back light at night.

Matrix Shop, Fabia Zindel: St.Johanns-Vorstadt 38, 4056 Basel

Carpentry work: Felix Fluri, Basel

Metal construction: Kornel Vogt, Basel

Lighting: Christian Deuber, Lucerne

Privacy screen

Utility object with high aesthetic standards. Wooden slats are positioned and supported by two floating stainless steel rods. The shape of the screen was developed in several on-site tests, so as to create as much privacy as desired.

Timber supplied by: Paus Sauter AG, Münchenstein

Metal construction: Kornel Vogt, Basel


dock: currently comprises 250 documentations of artists from the Basel area and thus offers a well-founded overview of the region’s art production. We were looking for a characteristic piece of furniture that could be transported and set up in public locations with a lot of visitors, such as the foyer of the Kunstmuseum Basel or ART Basel. ->

Containers and the goods they carry come from all over the world, and they are headed for all kinds of destinations – just like artists’ careers. By opening the containers right at the transfer site, curious passers-by are allowed a glimpse of what’s inside. The scaffolding signals reconstruction. It tells us that something is going on here. It’s the opposite of dust and decay.

It is one of my skills to find entrepreneurs willing to search for innovative and unconventional solutions at a fair price. I was able to convince MAB Amsler, a specialist in facade construction, to manufacture the infill work on the containers. The metal construction was carried out by Kornel Vogt Metallbau from Basel.

dock: is supported by:
Christoph Merian Foundation / Department of Culture Basel-Stadt / / GGG / Ernst Göhner Foundation Zug / Lotteriefonds Basel-Stadt / Jacqueline Spengler Foundation / Siemens

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Characteristic mobile furniture for the documentation centre for Basel artists, today called "dock". It later evolved into Container DS. Please read in more detail on a large desktop screen.

Design: 2006

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Some projects are suitable for reproduction. Building on the experience of deveolping the prototypes, the product is refined and production is simplified. Sometimes, even industrial production is possible.

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Some private projects prove ideal even in larger numbers and are ordered for offices, surgeries or holiday homes.

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Three pieces by kunotechnik have been incorporated into the design collection of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich. I am honoured that my design legacy is well cared for and accessible to the public.

At the moment I’m interested in pre-industrial woodwork: conical table legs, spars that are finer at the top, funnel-shaped constructions, and, of course, my boat projects.

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