I am a carpenter by trade, have studied interior design and love sailing. My favourite materials are slim metal, warm wood and bright colours. Apart from designing furniture for kunotechnik, I teach at the Basel School of Design and love exploring new ideas for sea dogs and landlubbers.

born as the youngest child after the three sisters Sabina, Dunja and Fanny

Stay in Venezuela, my father, a hydroelectric engineer, managed the construction of a dam in Guri

Foundation Program at the Basel School of Design

Apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker, including vocational school of design, Baumgartner joinery in Bremgarten

Vocational diploma thesis film "Inside and Outside" 8 min. b/w tutored by Mark Müller

Internship in metal and plastics processing and lighting design, Baltensweiler AG in Ebikon. Thanks to Rosmarie Baltensweiler

Stay in the USA in the footsteps of Jack Kerouac’s "on the road"

Continuing education class for interior, product and building design, Basel School of Design. Owsky Kobalt was my master, Lotti Hernandez a tough sparring partner

Self-employed as head architect for the Department of Construction and Transport of Basel-Stadt. Design and construction of 40 waste glass collection points

Subtenant in the workshop community for metal construction Kornel Vogt and Moritz Gossenreiter, Breisacherstrasse 64 in Basel

Founding member of the design group N2. Exhibitions in Milan, Cologne, Hamburg, Turin

Thanks to Valerie Kiock, Christian Deuber, Paolo Fasulo, David Braun, This Reber, Jörg Boner

Technical assistant to video artist Pipilotti Rist. Exhibitions in Vienna, Zurich, Paris and Siena

Thanks to Pius Tschumi and videocompany.ch

Internship graphic design at Metadesign Berlin

Thanks to Stephanie Kurz

Federal Prize for Design for "spherize!” Thanks Patricia Crivelli and Ralph Michel

Employed as a graphic designer with Emanuel Tschumi for Theater Basel

Wedding and birth of son Lorenzo

Launch of the "kunotechnik" furniture collection

Visiting lecturer and later visiting professor for product design, Kunsthochschule Kassel

Thanks to Jakob Gebert

Birth of daughter Giulietta

Project "dock!" mobile furnishing for the documentation centre of Basel artists, commissioned by Ruth Buck

Development of the sliding door for "Container DS" with Tobias Nüesch

Teacher at the Foundation Program of the Basel School of Design

Thanks to Casper Mangold und Renata Borer

The furniture system "Container DS" is produced and distributed by MAGAZIN

Thanks to Stephan Dornhofer and Oskar Zieta

Design and construction of MATRIX Shop, Basel

Thanks to Fabia Zindel and Felix Fluri

Building of the plywood dinghy "Seggerix" according to plans drawn by Dr. Jüs Segger, Hamburg

Benjamin Brodbeck is my first intern and later employee

Stay in Paris, the children attend the Italian school

Development of "Container PLUS" for MAGAZIN

Miscellaneous boat renovations: Corsaire 5.5m, 1968, plywood; Stämpfli rowing boat 4.2m, 1910, clinker

Mobile kitchen for Pavilion H, Basel School of Design

Thanks to Fiorella Fasciati

Separation and sabbatical, sailing down the Rhine on the "MS Rotterdam" from Basel to Cologne and from Cologne to Rotterdam

Development of "happy board", later "fip", as well as the privacy screen

Start of research for the construction of a 5m plywood sailboat for the Mediterranean Sea